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oh, to be a food blogger in DC

March 16, 2010

An immutable fact of employment is that in every working person’s life, some days will need to be followed immediately by a cocktail.* What’s better, of course, is if that drink is coupled with the company of friends. And better still, after a long day chasing four-year-olds (or whatever), is the chance to meet others and talk about things other than the past eight hours.

The Sturgeonistas took another field trip tonight**, to the DC Food Bloggers’ Happy Hour, where we met other people, lovely people, like-minded people who also enjoy sharing their food experiences with the world. And, over and over again, we found ourselves faced with the very legitimate question: “How did three people who were so attractive and charming find each other? How did you create this perfect storm of creative forces?”

Just kidding. We only got asked that once. What we did get asked a lot, however, was, “So what’s your website’s deal (/spin/gimmick/etc.)?”

We’ve already answered this in the FAQs, sort of, but I think the time is ripe for a refresher. Lancelot Sturgeon is DC’s premier eating society, and also its most exclusive. We’ve modeled ourselves after the dining clubs of the 18th and 19th centuries, organizations in which men of note would meet, greet, and eat, as well as discussing food-related matters and how they intersected with important topics of the day. (Personally, I’m fond of the Beef-Steak Club.) Essentially, our goal is to talk about all the food-related matters that interest us – cooking, eating out, food and society and culture and everything else.

Which explains why our blog can seem a bit scattered sometimes. The world of gastronomy is so large, and our interests so diverse, that a post on how weird cereal commercials can be (for example) may rest next to an essay on saag. Our intent here is to have a series of really good conversations on food – whether that’s about how to eat more economically in a notoriously expensive city*** or how much responsibility diners have to be environmentally friendly. If it’s intellectually stimulating, we hope you’ll find it here.

And in many ways, DC is the perfect place for us. Where else can you find people who are willing to talk exhaustively about just about anything? Where else would people be willing to read about food in an intellectual as well as an experiential way? Not to mention the fact that pupusas are $1.25 here.

That state of affairs, I think, is largely what we discovered at the DC Food Bloggers Happy Hour – that there’s a place for us in this city, that it is okay to really talk about food (and also, admittedly, to be a bit silly). So thanks a lot to all the lovely people we had the opportunity to meet, including Thrifty DC Cook and the wonderful Modern Domestic, without whom we surely would never have known about this. We look forward to continuing this conversation for a long time to come.

Also, we have some exciting news coming up, so watch this space in the next few days.

*Or a Coke, if you’re a teetotaler, or whatever. A vice of some sort.

Also, side note: the cocktail I got tasted like a Shirley Temple. But boozier.

**We used to call this “hanging out” until we got professional and started a blog.

***The District, in case you were wondering

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  1. moderndomestic permalink
    March 17, 2010 9:52 pm

    I am SO GLAD you guys came! It was awesome meeting all of you. Yes, you can call it networking or hanging out or whatever – I just like to call it awesomeness. With booze. Hope to see you at the next Shin Dig in April.

  2. April 8, 2010 2:53 pm

    Hi Sam – it was so lovely meeting you last night! Hope we can connect soon to chat about tortillas, winter sports, and ice cream again!


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