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Better Living … THROUGH SCIENCE!

March 24, 2010

A co-worker linked to this on her twitter. I’m not quite sure how I feel about it.

There are obvious benefits – the American style of eating has created shockwaves in all corners: political, ecological, epidemiological… there is clear correlation between monitoring portion size and health. This is certainly an aesthetic upgrade over the TV dinner square and its descendant, the 3-portion picnic plate.

And yet… It just screams of apology. “Sorry, America,” the Slimware corporation seems to be saying, “We know you’d like to get some joy from what you eat, but we can’t let you do that in what you ingest. So instead, here’s a didactic piece of melamine for you to look at while you choke down ‘healthy’ and ‘publicly-sanctioned’ meals! You can thank us when you live to be 100!”

As usual, I’m overthinking things. But I just know somewhere, the aliens are laughing at us.

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