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my first blogger swag!

April 13, 2010

Swag as in “free stuff (usu. that came in a bag)”; not swagger, which I have had plenty of since my formative years writing a study abroad blog back in college. Apparently when you form part of an Unstoppable Power Trio with two geniuses, good things are bound to happen.

At any rate, the free stuff in question was courtesy of Art and Soul, a lovely restaurant on the distant slopes of Capitol Hill and the host of our DC Food Blogger Happy Hour for this month. And they were gracious hosts indeed, reserving the patio (which has its own bar), passing trays of canapes which included fried green tomatoes (favrit!) and sliders with goat cheese, and bringing management around to say hi and welcome. Although I have to admit I haven’t been to the north Hill / Union Station area much, Art and Soul’s take on southern food, thoughtful cocktail menu, and soon-to-be-renovated patio (with a stated goal of making it into a dining environment in its own right) are enough that I think I’m going to make sure my fellow Sturgeonistas return with me later this summer — both were sadly unable to make it out last week.

The other exciting thing about happy hours is, of course, the meeting of new people and discovering of new blogs! And New Interesting People! I met Namita of Charred for Life, whose work is moving into a homemade ice cream phase just in time for summer which is a cause nothing less than noble, and Mary of Girl Meets Food, which has a goal of seeking out and trying the eccentric. I spared everyone my story about accidentally ordering baby-chicken-in-egg (wiki “balut” if you have to, but I will warn you the entry includes lots of pictures).

There were people who wrote about cocktails, about desserts, about New York food (but happened to be in town). There were lots of people who asked me, oh, interesting name, what do you write about? And, uh, that’s a good question, because I don’t think that Lancelot Sturgeon has a ‘beat’, or even three individual-author beats. It’s more like, we all find food culture endlessly interesting, and there will be no shortage of conversations we want to have about it. Here we’re at least compiling them all in one place and not forcing a friend to hear the same story six times, unless they want to, in which case they can easily track it down in the Sturgeonvault (see sidebar).

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