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August 11, 2010

I threatened to quit watching Top Chef: DC tonight. I’m pretty sure Padma wasn’t listening. I’m also pretty sure it’s not going to happen.

But if there was any event that might inspire me to take such drastic action, I’m pretty sure tonight’s release of Kenny would do it.

Exhibit A: Alex is clearly a moron who cannot cook. Also, he looks like he just escaped from the gulag.


Real talk: last week’s text message quiz was something along the lines of “Would you trust Alex in the kitchen?” AND THE ANSWER WAS NO. It seems unreal that someone could progress in Top Chef without actually cooking.

Also, Alex, guess what: everyone thinks you stole Ed’s pea puree. Including me. Largely because you lied about not having been aware of it, and also because I’m not sure you can operate a food processor.

Exhibit B: Kenny led the house tonight. No, I cannot explain why he sent out a cheese stick on jam, but honestly, I thought that salad looked good. “Too busy” is far from the worst criticism someone can levy at a dish. Also, he was a good team leader, and if I recall, being a bad team leader is what has sent Restaurant Wars losers home in the past (Radhika, I’m looking at you).

Exhibit C: If anyone had gone home from the Blue Team tonight, it should have been Amanda, who found herself unable to prepare beef – grass-fed beef, but still otherwise known as “the meat from a cow,” or “one of the five things my seventeen-year-old brother can cook.” Also, Amanda is annoying. But I still don’t think she should have gone home, because I think Alex should have gone home.

I’ve got to be honest here, TC:DC is almost starting to feel rigged. In general, I would like to think that Tom Colicchio might have more integrity than that – a few years ago, some producer was quoted as saying, in effect, that Bravo doesn’t influence the outcome of the show because Tom doesn’t listen to them. But I’m really weirded out by Angelo’s consistent wins, their clear and willful ignorance of the Pea Puree Incident, and now this. I watch Top Chef because I want to see people cook good food, or cook bad food. I don’t, Alex, watch it to see people not cook at all.

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  1. Jesus Montoya permalink
    August 12, 2010 1:14 am

    Get real. Kenny has not performed well in most of the challenges. He has been on the bottom several times. He has this annoying personality. Oh come on now: Alpha Male? I think what sent him home was the diatribe in front of the judges about Alex not performing. He knew the rules. The members of the winning team are safe. He knew he was in trouble and he wanted to BREAK the rules to save his own sorry backside. He is/was annoying and not a particularly good chef in this contest. Good riddance.

  2. franklybecca permalink*
    August 12, 2010 9:34 am

    Yeah, also that whole “executive chef” role during Restaurant Wars didn’t exist before. There was always one person who was a huge pain in the ass (BLAIS) during RW, but there was never a supervisory role. The point of Restaurant Wars is that it’s hard, that’s why it’s the inflection point of the season.

    Also, is Alex more annoying than Robin from last year? NO

    And lastly,

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