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Virginia Produce

September 6, 2010

Virginia is the one for lovers, right? Not the one that’s the land of enchantment, vacationland, the place where everything’s bigger, or the heart of Dixie? Because after what I’ve been eating, it might be a contender for the title of the garden one.

We had a wedding to go to outside of Culpeper, where I’d never been. Believe me when I tell you, it was gorgeous country. It’s horse country, and even with my checkered equestrian past (I prefer contact sports), I felt the desire to saddle up and ride. The wedding was on an old farm that’s been beautifully maintained, and we had a great time. (Also, one of the better wedding cakes I’ve had, if you were keeping score.)

And then on our way back, the fresh produce. We stopped at a farm stand to pick up corn, heirloom tomatoes, peaches, Anaheim peppers, and a watermelon. The tomatoes and an Anaheim made it into a phenomenal gazpacho I made (from a postcard we got at a DC food fair that shares Jose Andres’ ACTUAL JALEO GAZPACHO RECIPE! This is foodie fan-ism at its best) for dinner tonight. And the watermelon and peaches were incredibly juicy, rich, and full of that Amish-grown “organic before it had a name” sweetness.

The weakest item, in my opinion, was the corn. Don’t know if it was picked at the wrong time, but it didn’t have that “thing” that the best corn has. Sorry, Virginia, guess it’s still better in Jersey. (But only the corn. I can’t wait to gorge myself sick on the watermelon, peaches, and leftover gazpacho!)

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